About Us

Mission Statement

Pure-Light Technologie's mission is to introduce this new technology into homes and businesses that strive for superior environmental cleanliness.


About Us

Pure-Light Technologies was formed in 2014 after helping to develop a transparent coating of a new formulation of Titanium Dioxide (TiO₂) that allows for the TiO₂ photo catalytic action in visible spectrum light that would last up to 5+ years on light emitting devices. Pure-Light Technologies has filed a patent pending application on the process.

In addition to the lab studies currently available on our website plans are in place to quantify the specific influence that a Pure-Light coated bulb can have on the air and surfaces in a room. To date thousands of individuals across the United States have been satisfied by the bulbs we provide.The name was changed from Total Solar Super Green to Pure-Light Technologies, Inc. in October of 2015. Pure-Light is currently in the process of securing funding and expanding it's Management Team and Staff. 

Our Current Team 


Roger Young: 


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Jonathon Miller, CPA:

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VP Executive Operations

Jeannie Kraus:

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Research Chemist/Consultant

Scott T. Jolley, Ph.D


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Executive Director of Marketing

 Joe Kerry, LLD: 




Executive VP/Director Pure-Light Commercial Division

Robert Kemper:

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Commercial Division-Director of Operations

Carol McCarthy:

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Customer Service Manager

Kendall Crowe: 



Warehouse Operations

Brandon Running:



R & D manager, Governmental Regulations 

Michael Albanese:


General Counsel 

Dennis Green, LLD: 

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Board of Directors
Roger Young, Chairman
Jonathon Miller
Robert Kemper