Pure-Light’s Revolutionary New Technology doesn’t use harmful UV, near UV light, Ozone,or deadly chemicals. Instead, Pure-Light uses a naturally occurring Super-Oxygen Nano Technology (patent pending) to clean and purify the air of harmful and deadly contaminants.


The Incredible Pure-Light Super-Oxygen Nano Coating technology not only cleans and purifies the air and surfaces within 10+ feet but it leaves the air fresh and clean smelling. Also, Pure-Light light bulbs use a natural daylight, full spectrum light frequency, that has been shown to produce Serotonin which makes people happier. (Same light frequency used to treat S.A.D.)

Bring Outdoor Freshness, Indoors

LASTS 3-10+ YEARS INDOORS/OUTDOORSThe Pure-Light technology uses regularIndoor light toactivate, but it can also be used outdoors with natural sunlight. The natural technology can not only clean and purify homes and businesses of odors/noxious fumes/chemicals, but it brings that fresh Clean Smell from Outdoors--Indoors. At the same time, it also helps clean atmospheric pollution, helping to make our planet--well, better. And, as a wonderful bonus– the Pure-Light technology lasts 3 to 10+ years.

Saves $$ every month. Highly Effective—Pays for Itself

Pure-Light's Incredible new LED light bulb technology is so highly effective, safer and superior to old light bulb technologies, longer lasting, easier and inexpensive to use (just turn on the lights)...most of our commercial and retail customers report enough savings to not only pay for the treatment quickly, but making Pure-Light an income producing product for them. Many of our home customers report savings on their electric bills of over $100 per month!




Salsa Grill, Maryland